The youth ministry of LIVING ISRAEL started 10 years ago with six young people.

Today a hundred teenagers from all over Israel are participating in various projects, camps, conferences, glorifications, prayers, and studying the word of God.

We are holding a camp every year, this July it was in the north, about a hundred teenagers and 15 ministers participated in it.


“Great time with all of my new friends!”

It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of time I spent with the youth was incredible. Thanks for making the day an unforgettable one.


In a month, there will be a youth conference where more than a hundred teenagers are expected.

It is important to note that the most of the teenagers are children of parents who believe in Jesus Christ, from childhood they knew the law, but, unfortunately, have no personal relationship with God. Several times we visited large youth conferences abroad, where the Holy Spirit worked powerfully.


Birthdays & Events

As a result, we saw that the lives of some young people have changed dramatically. It has happened there, during these services, most of them met Jesus and experienced the touch of God. It is a miracle!

In addition, we plan to organize various kinds of events and meetings, also involving teenagers and young people from other Churches and communities. 


We believe that this will help us “spread our limits”, come closer, understand each other, unite for a common goal and move forward in one spirit, and for children to find new friends – Christians, courageously declaring about their faith! Also in the future we are considering to open the project Teenage – youth center. But first, we need to prepare a good foundation, including a team of today’s generation of children who will be ready to serve others.