Testimony of Timofey

I came to Israel by myself, completely alone I tried to fit in the Israeli society, served in the Army in the military, and when I came back from the Army, I could not find myself, but I found “friends” and my life started to sink. In 2009, one day on Sabbath me with my friends were hanging out in Tel Aviv we were drunk and under drugs. And we saw people from the community “Living Israel”, they came to feed people on the streets there, and for the first time I saw different kinds of people and then I thought, that if life becomes really hard, I have a place to go. They invited me and gave me a phone number, and when that day came, when life was already unbearable, I called and went to the rehabilitation center of “Living Israel”. There I went through a rehab program, then I finished Bible school, graduated from practice, began working and serving in a media team in the Church, and life began to make sense, finally, I felt joy and beauty of life, and one day I met a beautiful girl who now is my wife.
For everything, I thank God and my church, my family – “Living Israel”.